Lab for open
in science

Applying Open Innovation principles and methods – improving novelty and impact of scientific research

Open Innovation refers to enabling, initiating and purposively managing knowledge flows across organizational and domain-specific boundaries for generating innovation.

LOIS enables scientists to learn about and experiment with principles and methods of Open Innovation along the entire scientific research process from generating research questions to eventually translating scientific knowledge into innovation.

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LOIS is a professional development program for scientists.

LOIS participants will

  • gain familiarity with state-of-the-art concepts relevant for Open Innovation in Science
  • develop an in-depth understanding of how different practices of openness and collaboration impact scientific research
  • build the competences to assess and develop their organizations’ ability to benefit from applying Open Innovation principles and methods


LOIS provides

  • Professional development for scientists, lectures, in-class workshops, experimentation, hands-on-learning and practical implementation.
  • Globally networked initiative – access to international good practices and networks in the field of Open Innovation.
  • Training which covers the cultural shift necessary to work more openly and collaboratively, and to integrate open practices into scientists’ day-to-day work.


LOIS target group

LOIS addresses researchers and scientists (post-doc level or higher) from universities and other research organizations who

  • are interested in learning about, discussing and experimenting with new ways of opening up research processes
  • aim at in influencing their work environments towards enabling the application of Open Innovation in Science principles and methods
  • can commit themselves to actively participate in LOIS (training and practice)


LOIS faculty

The LOIS faculty body consists of leading Open Innovation & Open Science experts from international universities, research institutions and companies.

The academic director is Marion Poetz, innovation professor at Copenhagen Business School and scientific director of the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft’s Open Innovation in Science Research and Competence Center (OIS Center).


LOIS set-up

  • One-year program starting in spring
  • Training: blocked workshop modules (2-4 training days per block, 7 blocks)
  • Practice: supervised lab project work and lab project meetings
  • Location: Vienna
  • More information on the next LOIS available here
  • Application for the next LOIS here


LOIS curriculum

  • Basic modules on Open Innovation in Science (Open Innovation strategies, concepts, models, methods, good- practice examples, contingencies and their application in a scientific context)
  • Specialization modules on opening up scientific discovery (novel approaches to involving widely distributed knowledge in generating new scientific insight such as crowd science)
  • Specialization modules on opening up the translation of scientific knowledge into innovation (open and collaborative approaches to science-based entrepreneurship and innovation)
  • Specialization modules on enabling and facilitating Open Innovation in Science (developing individual and organizational capacities for openness, sharing and collaboration in science)
  • Lab project meetings


If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Mag. Marie Trappl (LOIS Program Manager)
Sheena Maan Sedeno, BSABA M.B. (OIS Center Team Assistant)
Open Innovation in Science Research and Competence Center (OIS Center)
Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft
Nußdorfer Straße 64, 4th floor
1090 Vienna, Austria 

Phone:  +43 1 513 27 50 - 25