Open Innovation
in Science

The Team


Lucia Malfent

OIS Project Leader,
Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft

Claudia Lingner

OIS Initiator and Managing Director of the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft.

Gertraud Leimüller

OIS Co-Initiator and Open Innovation Expert, winnovation

Johanna Stieblehner

Open Innovation Expert, winnovation

Marion Poetz

Academic Advisor for OIS, Copenhagen Business School

Claudia Wild

Communication Expert and Head of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Health Technologies Assessment. 

Magdalena Theurl

Project Employee OIS,
Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft

Advisory Board

The following internationally renowned experts advise and support Open Innovation in Science:

Pascale Ehrenfreund

President of the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), Austria

Photo: Eva C. Guinan

Eva C. Guinan

Director of Reactor Program on Accelerating Clinical and Translational Research, Harvard Catalyst, Harvard Medical School, USA

Photo: Edwin Ladinser

Edwin Ladinser

General Manager HPE Austria – Help for Relatives of People with Psychological Disorders

Photo: Keld Laursen

Keld Laursen

Professor of Economics and Management of Innovation, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Photo: Matt Muijen

Matt Muijen

Programme Manager Mental Health and Neuro-Degenerative Disorders, WHO European Regional Office, Belgium

Photo: Rebecca Müller

Rebecca Müller

Secretary General GAMIAN – Global Alliance of Mental Illness Advocacy Networks, Belgium

Photo: Gabriele Sachs

Gabriele Sachs

Non-tenured Professor of Psychiatrics, Medical University Vienna, University Hospital for Psychiatrics and Psychotherapy, Austria

Photo: Ulrike Schmidt

Ulrike Schmidt

Senior Psychiatrist, Head of the Outpatient Clinic for Trauma, Research Group Leader Molecular Psychotraumatology Max-Planck-Institute for Psychiatrics, Senior Physician, Head of the Trauma Department, Germany

Photo: Philipp Türtscher

Philipp Türtscher

Assistant Professor of Technology and Innovation, VU University Amsterdam, Netherlands

Photo: Alfred Pritz

Alfred Pritz

Psychoanalyst, Secretary General of the European Association for Psychotherapy and President of the World Council for Psychotherapy; Co-founder of the world’s first University of Psychotherapy, the Sigmund Freud Private University.