Watch our webinar to learn more about LOIS and find out how applying Open Innovation principles and methods can improve the novelty and impact of scientific research!

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Open Science Workshop – What’s in it for me?

The aim of the workshop is to provide researchers and administrators with hands-on examples of Open Science tools and workflow examples across various disciplines. We do not aim to discuss Open Science on a policy level, but rather want to help you discover what’s out there and how researchers can implement Open Science into their daily scientific routines. Together with the audience, we will explore open practices with respect to differences between scientific disciplines and show the added value that open approaches can generate for the researchers themselves.

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Austrian Catchathon on the way – We will accelerate Alzheimer’s Research!

We are happy to announce an Austrian Catchathon to support Alzheimer's research.

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Stifterverband grants

To support outstanding German researchers, Stifterverband offers two full grants for attending the Lab for Open Innovation in Science (LOIS) 2018/19!

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What is Open Innovation?